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For more information about access and directions to the IMF headquarters buildings, please see Directions and Access to IMF Headquarters.
Headquarters 1 (HQ1):
International Monetary Fund, 700 19th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20431
Headquarters 2 (HQ2):
International Monetary Fund, 1900 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20431
From The Desk of:
Finance Department Director
International Monetary Fund(IMF)
Operator: V97322
Transaction Reference Number : 3255879/123COV
Related Reference : 3255879/124COV
Message Coder: *1238CC-7624XX*
PIN: MT 202 / FIN MT 202 COV-General Fin Inst Transfer
Be Notified that your OVERDUE BLOCKED FUNDS Worth of ($2,000,000.00USD) Two Million United States Dollars , has been UNBLOCKED and APPROVED for urgent release to you as supposed through a Telegraphic Wire Transfer from our private secured bank, and accorded with MT202 COV Wire Stream into your receiving Bank, Please Your response is needed urgently.
Please kindly Re-Confirm the authorization of your account details, for verification purpose as the original transfer will be done personally by you.
Further details regarding the transfer Procedure will be sent to you via E-Mail , Please re-confirm your E-Mail address and Direct Telephone Number before sending to us upon your reply to this Detailed Mail .
We strongly believe that all information's are correct on this message in your favor. If you have any further questions as regards to the Release of your Funds , please do kindly contact Operator: V97322 with the contact details below
Contact Person : DR JOSS NEWBERRY
Operator: V97322,
International Monetary Fund(IMF)
Private E-Mail : drjossnewberry@net-c.nl
We do hereby ask you to contact the us within 4 working days of receiving this notification to enable us verify and open your payment file and release your funds to you securly.
Thank You.
Finance Department Director.
Email: drjossnewberry@net-c.nl
-----------------------------------------WARNING------------------------------------------This notification is from the International Monetary Fund, beneficiaries are advised to adhere strictly to directives. Any fund beneficiary who ignores instruction will be doing so at his/her own risk.

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